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  1. I currently need this, but all the links don't seem to work for me. Could someone pls send the AquaPack 2.0.5 it to this email: Mohammad_Khalid_Hussain[@]msn.com (without brackets, edited for spambots - gnomexp) Please and Thank You
  2. This seems very similiar : http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/1931/font2al.jpg Hope it helps...
  3. Well, my friend's shuf-ley also got the same problem and this was the only way to solve it. Although i am not sure of the cause, maybe there is something which causes this problem? Oh well...
  4. Its true, you have to change it to disk mode, im presuming your using a windows machine... This has to be done REALLY fast, if done correctly it will woirk, i mean it is a pendrive after all, it doesnt really matter. Good Luck with this, P.S I had the same problem, it got it solved..
  5. Thanx for the fast reply. But the provlem is that i don't have a network in the first place. I need the settings to set-up one. After i manage to get some kind of link between them, then i would use your advice to share the files and folders. Now its one computer connects to internet wireless through router, same goes for other. Note:Both are on wireless access, using access point configuration. So now if someone could point exactly how i could do this with the router i have as it doesnt support USB drive as the WinXP Wireless Network Setup said to plug the USB drive in to ur router, etc.
  6. Not to discourage you.... but this is certainly not very appealing
  7. Okay i have 2 computers with Netgear Wireless Adapters and one WRT54G Linksys Router with an ADSL modem connected to it. And I am currently using the Windows Utility to manage the wireless network on these computers. Now I have tried networking these computers using those wizards provided with Xp but it just doesnt seem to work for me. I would like someone to explain to me in detail how a network with file-sharing capabilities will be possible.If it means anything i got Win XP Pro SP2 on both computers. Please HELP me... Thanx P.S I put it in the software section because it felt more suitab
  8. Great theme... Just add the other colours too.. It would be gr8
  9. Oh thats a bummer... Oh well... i guess i could live with it.. @gtn: He mentioned 'Mac' PICT files. Im not sure but i don't think they are compatible..
  10. Im confused.. If it is only for windows... then i must somehow emulate themepark to work in windows? Or is themepark available for windows too? Thank you very much for your quick replies... helps alot
  11. IS there a way without registering and logging in?
  12. Adding a plain white globe with grey continents behind the flock of circles would be really GR8 Nonetheless... these are great too !
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