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  1. Hmm, i think its on a good way... I really don't like the intro... It doesnt fit the quality of the rest of the site (looks like a first time user in Photoshop made this) The design of the Webpage is good also the source is clean and well done Take a look here http://www.samova.net/ ... Maybe you can get some more ideas...
  2. Can confirm that in my case the bugs are fixed... Radiofree starts up after adding a new station. THX A LOT... I really waited for this great app^^ EDIT: AND ONE MORE GREAT THING... ALSO AAC PLUS STREAMS WORK FINE ^^
  3. Another thing: I just didnt know what the id had to do... so i gave it names (less than 10 chars)... It really doesnt make sense to me yet why the user should see the id or be able to set it. As in a normal database shouldnt this be a floating number? Anyway... I think i messed it up ^^ Heres the failure message: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index EDIT: Un-installed and re-installed it... same problem i cant add a new station ?? It crashes if i start the program again after that (Wi
  4. Hey... really great work... I like the pure concept... I used iTunes only for my Radiostations... but this tool is now my favourite... Perfect... really perfect EDIT: ups... it seems to record my microphone and not the stream i am listening to ^^
  5. Hmm, I would say Microsoft understood it's problem but didnt solve it yet... (I mean mostly to invest in the capabilities of their UI engine) 1) The UI Engine know has the power to compete with every other OS 2) As like OSX the performance of the Vista Kernel could improve a lot over time 3) and hopefully they fire their designers, cause even if i am a (little bit more) convinced Windows user i must say the design is horrible (much more annoying as XP. Who needs such huge borders???) and i really dont understand why they dont get some guys like StefanKa to improve it ;-) 4) The 64bit support
  6. THey will for sure use more space of the screen for the album art...
  7. I havent seen the blue screen for a loooooong time^^ and thats one of the most important reasons for me to stick with windows...
  8. Finished Graphics and Arts School 10 years before, first 4 years: PRINT: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Indesign after that 3 years first contact with MOTION DESIGN: After Effects, Cinema 4D now: only MOTION DESIGN & 3D: 3DS MAX, Combustion, After Effects, Fusion and lots of other tools and yes i still need to use Photoshop and Illustrator a lot ;-)
  9. The Best Tutorials for Photoshop and lots of other Graphic issues (Illu,3D...) is ComputerArts Just one example of an tutorial ;-):
  10. The anger was just ironic to that whats been said about windows all the time...
  11. No you are lying... A MAC CANT FREEZE.. THATS IMPOSSIBLE... OSX is lightyears ahead with it's inventions and freezing has past away lightyears ago.
  12. OK DUDES... seriously: Spotlight: This idea of a recursive search functionality ripped APPLE from the AJAX Project... Widgets: Apple just called them widgets, this stuff was already available as share or freeware so ITS NO INVENTION OF APPLE Touchscreen Ipod: Its a rip of the iRiver Clix The Mouse: In the early seventies Apple even ripped the idea of a mouse driven Desktop from ZEROX iPhoto: Come on... would you ever say THATS SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW??? Thats just technological progress in the behaviour of electronics at all... ... and more and more and more... SO WHAT DO YOU WANNA SAY??? THE O
  13. I think if someone in here can speak Chines or maybe Japanese this could help: http://myxp.gbaopan.com/files/d3011a1e2185...d5643a3a5b3.gbp I think you just have to register cause the download redirects you to some register fields but thefile is tored there...
  14. I think its very hard to compare the real features in an early state. Me for example i would never buy an iPOD just because its what it is out of the box. One big arguement FOR the iPOD is the big equipment you can get around it (car adaptos, stations, cases and so on) I dont like iTunes for example and this problem is solved by many different plugins, i also dont like the limited functionalities in the iPOD firmware (Solved by rockbox as an alternate) So lets see what is coming out for the zune player. After that you have to compare price, design, quality, compatibility and possible extension
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