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  1. Mike Tysons Punch-Out Tecmo Bowl Tecmo Baseball Hoops
  2. Can someone repost the icontainer for Buuf? -EDIT (Nevermind... I found one below that works fairly good.) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/38992499/
  3. Yeah sounds like you bought a bad one and getting replacements from a whole damn shipment of bad ones... I feel for ya.
  4. Question... I just got a new Dual core 2.3Ghz G5 and I had some questions. I have a SLi enabled PC and was wondering if one of the pci express 7800gtx's would work in the MAC? Probably not but I thought I would ask. Thanks
  5. Ubuntu 5.10 here. Been using ubuntu since it's conception and it's really be a great package. Beleive it or not but I am running a hefty rig + SLi Video configuration and even though the current 7676 nvidia driver doesn't support Sli, I didn't have to configure a thing. Breezy detected everything and set me right up. I loaded the latest nVidia driver and was done.
  6. I've been using your original on my Axim x50V. This is awesome! Thank you for your work!
  7. Sweet. My k750i is even better now!
  8. Sweet. I have this phone, and I am all over it. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Sweet wallpaper... Thanks.
  10. I know you've already probably thought of this but you should reload windows... Sounds like your system has been modded to death...
  11. You can get it in the Wide Screen Wallpaper Section of Deviant Art...
  12. Ummm... Correction. All linux supports ntfs. You just have to enable it to see it. Most are read only, but you can find a few packages that let you write. They are of course experimental. I use ubuntu.
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