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  1. well done, very clean and nice have u planned a safari mode ?
  2. this is what i call great job ! thanks >flyakite : see ur pm, i sent a mirror link for this release
  3. excellent work, can u share a PNG format because gradiant is very bad on JPG !?
  4. great release, i still waiting for firefox theme
  5. Download @DevianART > comments are welcome...
  6. very nice dobee, keep this grat work
  7. File dosen't download correctly >> 3 Ko ?!! u can email me the latest version and i will mirror the link : donzee(at)free.fr thanx
  8. i think that it can be done on pc: - make a full screenshot of ur desktop - apply it as background of the widget dock @ desired position of the screen
  9. this sound good, thanks for sharing
  10. > look here : http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....0161#post300161
  11. On some requests, i post this wall Have FuN ~donzee
  12. same prob here, using xp pro sp2
  13. ur link is not working
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