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  1. Looks interesting but I really just want to replace the default icon...not run something else instead of the normal boot menu. There has to be a way...
  2. Anyone figure this out yet? I have the nice icon for OSX but just a plain old hard drive for Windows...
  3. Yeah...I guess that's what you get for free. I'll keep my eye out for something...
  4. Barely....nah..just kidding. I just wish I hadn't left and with switching computers a bunch of times since...my icon collection as pretty much disappeared. I knew I should have put them on something like deviantArt...
  5. Anyone have the original RC2 file they would be willing to send me either via aim or some other method? I've been trying to download it though 'other methods' but it keeps hanging on the last '.1gb'...it's very annoying!!
  6. I agree except one thing...I can't video chat in Adium. I don't understand why this hasn't been added [i do now...it's apparently a limitation of libgiam]. Aside from that...Adium has everything I want!!
  7. Thanks bh2! I just realized I said I posted alot and yet my post count is only like 440.....well it seemed like a posted a ton but I guess not...lol
  8. I don't know if anyone here will remember me or if the people here were even here when I used to post a ton on these boards (especially the icons). Anyway, just thought I'd say hey again as I try to get back in the swing of things around here!
  9. I think that is why I couldn't find them Wiz!!! oh...and yeah...they are for a friend...right...a friend. I don't want you fellows thinking I'm some weird perv
  10. Thanks!!! But I could have sworn there were some bigger versions of those...
  11. I'm sorry to have to start a thread for this but I've search everywhere and cannot find the site or the wallpapers. Think you guys know the ones I am talking about....
  12. Seph is going to get picked up by the Authorities... I am a student at the Unversity of Georgia in Athens, Georgia USA
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