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  1. Hello Filandre oops sorry! must have been my mistake. downloaded xwdock2.03.25-Sources.zip again and its working fine. thanx and regards Sahiba
  2. got it how to do it. will mail you soon. thanx
  3. or is it supposed to be posted here itself?
  4. can u please tell me your e-mail id?
  5. Hello Filandre downloaded xwdock2.03.25-installer.exe. wow! this version is a lot fun and so easy to use. many-many thanx for the suggestion only there is a little hang-up. found the option 'Tools/Show XWDock files', but there is no skins directory here. i copied the downloaded skin to folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\XWindows Dock\Skins' as with the previous version. it is visible in the skins, but on applying it, my system crashes completely; to the point where my only option is to restart. cant even use end task manager. any idea what could be the problem? this particular skin was wor
  6. Hello Filandre really thanx so much for caring to reply actually what i did was, i re-run the application and after that the new skin was visible. "The only way to change a skin is to modify skin.ini file and image files in the skin directory." can you please suggest how can i modify them? i could find C:\Program Files (x86)\XWindows Dock\Skins\Default skin. But sorry dont know how to "use the menu 'Tools/Show XWDock files' to find it". In the skins folder i copied the new skin, without changing the default skin folder. i did download xwdock2.03.25-Sources.zip, but on extracting
  7. hello Filandre1 i figured it out, how to change the skin.
  8. Hello Filandre1 i'm very new to the concept of xwindow dock, and have not used any such application before. my problem is that i'm not able to change the skin for the dock. i downloaded a skin labelled under xwindow dock 2.0, copied it to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\XWindows Dock\Skins. but still not able to change it. can you please help me? i tried to change it through preferences\ skins option. but there only default skin is visible. also, is there a place from where i can download a user guide to use xwindow dock. although it seems quite user friendly, but as i'm a novice with even
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