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  1. wow. its really almost perfect now! actually for me it is already. haha. But Filandre, sorry if this would be too much to ask. But do you know about windowFX? If yes, can you make this dock take the property of the 'windows animation (by the windowFX)' when it supposed to minimize and maximize the application/window when clicking its icon? I mean, I'm on windows 7 now, have windowFX installed and my theme is a Mac-like (so the taskbar is at the top). When i click dock's app icon to min/maximize the window/application to the dock, the animation is still the default by windows7 (so animati
  2. 3.) ahh i see. i just thought it would be nicer since you already added the "when app's icon is clicked, the opened application will minimize -- when active app's icon click, it will maximize" feature. Because when i add the 'Documents folder shortcut' to the dock and wanted it minimize when i click it (while other windows explorer folder are open), i just cant. but anyway #1 solves it hehe. And thanks so much, cant wait for!
  3. thanks for new update. i think its almost near perfect now! 1.) Please make it only 1 second for the "tiled/grid view" of "similar" opened windows/applications to show up when left-click-holding the icon. (I think you made it 2 seconds now). 2.) Please make the dock auto-resize (when dock already full of icons in it) 3.) If possible make each opened windows explorer/Folder-shortcuts added to the dock have separate indicators. (but if thhis stupid, please ignore this one hehe) 4.) And please please please. hehe. make the "showing up" (i dont know how this called) of icons and dock i
  4. hi! can you make the icons & dock itself animate together when "showing up" (after i open a fullscreen application)? or maybe you can add an option for this, in case others like the default way. It's not that much big deal for me but i think it looks better because in my PC it looks a little laggy especially when the dock has many icons in it. sorry for my english. thanks filandre1.
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