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  1. Gui - UNO 1.3 Icon - Aqua Candy Revolution.. *EFR* Wall - From Mandolux I guess I'm a Born-Again Aquafan!™
  2. beautiful, i will use these in my next screenshot. be sure to use scanlines on that preview!
  3. Tim, thats garbage, he was being accused of ripping (something 99% of this a-s community is used to doing) it just didnt seem right.
  4. can someone please tell me how the hell pete (bluerocket) spammed in here? other than the fact that he stood up for himself. that seems like total b-s. the members here are crazy.
  5. wow that was the most violent thread bumping ive ever seen
  6. that was the most vicious thread bump ive ever seen!
  7. oh jesus christ i knew this day would come. i <3 u unbe ull make it through this
  8. i came back just in time for this.. GREAT JOB EMBLYM!! Very original!
  9. im taking this seriously, if i was a theme producer i would be pissed if i saw this happening to one of my themes! i would tell everyone it wont be released now due to that one person who messed everything up, and use it for personal use!
  10. i hear ya bz!!! its a horrible thing and we should put the people who do such in camps, or make them wear tin foil so we know who they are!
  11. bluetooth and airport extreme come together, there is a dlink adapter though for i believe 39.99 us.
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