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  1. I have downloaded V2.0.3 Looks nice.

    I am charged with finding a "fun" alternative to the WIN7 taskbar. I have looked at other DOCK/LAUNCHBAR's but this one shows promise for ease of use. Our Technogloy refresh happens late this year and I want to stress test this app as we

    move off the XP platform.

    The only 2 suggestions:

    DOCKING: I have would be how this DOCK's. I would like to see a free standing DOCK.

    One the user can move around. If it has to Dock to one side make it wrap around the edges of

    a corner.


    We have about 50 icons off our WIN7 Taskbar. I can make the bar small and I think I can fit that many icons on it.

    maybe have a folder that rolls out each subfolder (if there are any, rather than just opening the folder in explorer)

    Our office is running 2 flavers of winows 32 & 64. Currenlty its runnin fine on 32 and not seeing much load



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