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  1. This new iMac kinda reminds me of this PC design Hip-e Computers Both of them look like they are marketing to a younger generation.
  2. I'm trying to get use to this whole mac thing now. One of the things I'm trying to figure out is changing icons. I figured out how to change icons and all. But here's my dilemna. When I go to my home folder and change the desktop folder icon it automatically changes in the finder side bar. However, as I'm working on the computer, I find that the desktop folder icon reverts into the default blue folder. When I log out or restart the mac, the desktop folder icon in the finder side bar appears just fine. But then later, the icon is replaced, yet again, with the default blue folder. Could
  3. Well after a year on Aqua-soft and tweaking my PC to look more aqua, I finally made the leap. I picked up a powerbook 12 inch today. I don't think of it as switching, just having dual citizenship. So I just wanna say thanks for all the help in answering my persistent questions. I'm happy with this new powerbook, but I'm still gonna be using my PC a lot and visiting this site.
  4. Just curious how many movies and TV shows have had Apple products on there. Here's a list of all that I can think of at the moment. Please add more if you know some Movies -Independence Day -Two Weeks Notice -School of Rock -Stuck on You -Something's Gotta Give TV -Drew Carey Show -Smallville -Happy Family
  5. So it's a pretty safe bet that the 12 inch powerbook will be ok for Tiger?
  6. Is 5 hours the absolute most you'll get. What happens in the following situations? 1. Using Airport Extreme card in wireless networks? 2. Using DVD player (that's probably like 2 hours right?)
  7. Hi vneumann, I love your work and am a huge fan. I don't know if this is a bug that has been addressed. After reading all 14 pages of conversation, I don't think it was mentioned (forgive me in advance if I misread these threads and this was addressed). Whenever I highlight all of the folders and try to drag the files/folders elsewhere, this warning pops up and crashes the program. I am running -Win XP Pro -1 gig RAM -ASUS P4B533 Mobo and 2.4 Gig P4 processor. Thanks for all the hard work, ur amazing.
  8. I must be an idiot or something worse, but what are the steps needed to take to redo the folder icons so they don't look so jagged? Do I need to use ResHacker? Or is it something else?
  9. Tyan Four Processor Motherboard Now that Apple has released their new G5 dual processor machines, I was wondering what people would think of the link above. The company states it holds four Opteron Processors and 32 GB of DDR400 RAM. How does this stack to the G5? Is this motherboard meant more for server or desktop use?
  10. Ok, I'm pretty set on getting an iBook 12 inch. I'd like to know what are some good sleeves cases out there. It's kinda hard to see what they are like in a picture, so if you have any good recommendations let me know. I guess I'm looking for something made of neoprene, has shoulder straps and has a case to hold the charger. Thanks in advance.
  11. I've always been curious as to why Mac laptops have a one button mouse. I mean, i know that you can plug USB two button mouse and be fine. Why not just change then to two button mouse? Macs are the most innovative computers, yet still use a one button mouse. I dunno, maybe it's one of the aesthetic things I don't understand.
  12. No luck, that was the first thing I tried when I was using OS X on my friends' powerbook. =( All I get is connection error.
  13. Hmmmm, i tried that, but no such luck, there is no remote tab. Someone recommended OSXvnc. Any one know what exactly this can do?
  14. I log in there because I'm a teacher at a high school. I use it access database files to input grades, comments, even detention for students =) I suppose it's not the end all to be all if I can't login. I can always email the comments to myself and go to a windows machine and put the comments in. I still use a PC at home, so I can always get my work done on that too. Just would be nice to see if OS X could do it. I tried the remote desktop thing, but I couldn't get it to work. =( Maybe it's more complicated than I think.
  15. Yeah, I think it's remote administration I'm looking into. When I access win server 2k3 on my home computer, it logs into a virtual desktop like this Larger So that is how I get my work done at home. I wonder if the dude at the Apple Store will figure this one out? Do I have to then use Virtual PC on OS X to access win server 2k3?
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