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  1. Because some parts of 2.0.5 are protected, this version can't be "open-source". Only the source of versions 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 are available. Regard's, Filandre
  2. Thanks, link updated. This update only try to fix some annoying lags... Regards
  3. The only way is to disable Windows animation.
  4. Thank's for these ideas, here are some remarks: 1. May be it's a good idea. It's already possible to adjust angle and size of the dock with the mouse, but I don't know if anyone actually use these features. 2. Yes, a lot of .ini files are needed to save settings. I hate that but it's necessary for the use of plugins or docklets. 3. Why not,... 4. How ? 5. Removing taskbar is difficult to do and is not reliable. Also, some possibilities exists with the taskbar which are not actually implemented in XWD. 6. XWD actually support multiple display, and it's easy to move it on any monitor
  5. Hi all, Also saying XWD version 2.xxx is very ugly or insane or working weird is not helping me to look after the remaining bugs, please read my requests about options you are setting to use XWD. Thank's Filandre
  6. Pre-installed zip file is now available. Regards, Filandre
  7. To help me to found the lag, can you try with this previous version xwdock2.0.5.2-installer.exe. Also I need your xwindows dock parameters: join a picture of the "Preferences" window by taking a picture (menu tools) then using the file Desktop_xxx.png generated. Here is an extract of mine: Thank's
  8. If you have such problem like "graphics driver crash" !?? simply don't use this release and reinstall version (link is above).
  9. I tested this update several weeks with games like "Anno", XWD goes automatically out of the screen when a program is full screen, and also suspends its own animations to minimize CPU load (like with the new menu option "Lock/Frozen"). You can downgrade to the previous version with this link: xwdock2.0.5.3-installer.exe Sorry
  10. Check if windows animations are allowed for your system (don't know the exact name in english). This parameter must be set in windows system parameters.
  11. Can't reproduce the problem (but I have'nt Photoshop). Are you using version in "border" mode ?
  12. In version left click anywhere now mask the dock.
  13. Yes! Since version you must click on the title bar of your app to cover the dock, except for some apps where it's not necessary (like Chrome!).
  14. Uncheck "Keep in dock" in the "visibility" menu.
  15. Send me the command used to launch XWindows Dock, so I'll be able to reproduce the problem. I'm working on a better way than "expose" to switch between windows, be patient... Extract and make a shortcut of this exe: SH_TaskBar.zip, then put it on the dock... Regards, Filandre
  16. Try to modify the file "skin.ini" in the directory of your skin: replace 3d-background-opacity=100 by 3d-background-opacity=99, also for 2d-background-opacity. As the transparency has changed since version 2.0.3, this problem can appear with old skins...
  17. Hi, More OD docklets works now fine with XWindows Dock 2.0.5. I have tested successfully these one from Fedro Ponce de Leòn. Simply download the zip file of the docklet you want (ex: WiFi.zip) and extract the directory included (ex: Wifi) in the "Docklets" sub-directory of XWindows Dock 2.0.5. You can see these directories with the menu "Tools/Show XWDock Files". Then click the menu "Add/Plugins", you can now see the new docklet and drop it on the Dock. You can also put a small image named "icon.png" in the sub-directory (example below for WiFi) wich will appear in place of the "puz
  18. Version 2.0.5 now support animated "strip" images. Simply put it on the dock as other images and it will animate! Here is an example found on the net: Google Chrome animated icon
  19. The parameter "ViewLargeIcons" is now correctly saved in version 1.12 of the plugin container. So, check if this option is selected for each container once XWindows Dock 2.0.5 is running.
  20. Hello all, here is a new release of your my favorite Dock! Version 2.0.5 has the main enhancements from 2.0.4: - New auto-move mode, the dock move now itself to don't hide your working windows. - Add a new big and unique feature: TidyBox ! To organize your dock as you want, with more icons than the size of the dock can support. - Windows are now animated to the dock instead of taskbar when they are minimized, and animated from the dock when maximized . - New auto-lock icons and dock system: you can now unlock icons to modify only once, also you can drag on an icon without change i
  21. I've added a menu option in release to view icons as in version 2.0.3... Regards, Filandre
  22. Thanks for the issue, I'll fix it in a next release. In the meantime, for such a huge directory, you can select "View as/Folder" in the menu to keep the directory on the dock without eating CPU time. As you notice, the only way to change the icons size of the container is to change the size of the dock. You can easily make that by dragging up or down a separator. Regards, Filandre
  23. No idea about this bug, I never saw it (I've also this Windows version). For a future release, I'll make a backup of the .ini file before saving it...
  24. Hello, Since I did'nt found a Weather Docklet which works with XWindows Dock, I adapted this one supplied as an example with ObjectDock! Actually, it only give the current weather observation, but I can enhance it if you like! I put a directory with small icons with this docklet. To add other icons, simply create new directory to put them. Link to the Weather Docklet: WeatherDocklet.zip Have fun, Filandre
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