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  1. Thank you for your answer. It's great that Adobe has this. I find this good, but I want it for every window in the entire OS, to make it even a cleaner interface. It would be great to hide the menu under the top left icon for each program. just like on the screenshot but with also with the file menu. Just like in office 2007, but with out a big ugly icon, just the small one that every program already have. Br Orange
  2. New Idea! wouldn't be neat if you could have the "file" menu in the icon in the top Left of every window, or is this already been made? (Just like in Opera / firefox and more.. where you can hide the file menu. Less garbage. and more "work area" / "screen space" to the people!
  3. Tiger Mail https://addons.mozilla.org/themes/moreinfo....umpg=10&id=1713
  4. look good =) thx for the 1680x1050
  5. Go to download and get OpenOffice 2.0 it's free and good. and the new format odt / ods... works great! opens MS office files to. OpenOffice Base OpenOffice Calc OpenOffice Draw OpenOffice Impress OpenOffice Math OpenOffice Writer .. www.openoffice.org
  6. Thansk all for your reply! crni: Im gonna look in to the forum, thanks! Yepp! I watched some minutes from Lord of the rings DVD yesterday night, it's sweet! I'm gonna play the HL2 again and Lost Coast, I think I'll get a better experience this time in widescreen =D Oh F.E.A.R supports it to, that's nice. Havent play so much.. the screen is for work and for fun =) Kenta: Here is a Description: * 20.1" Widescreen LCD Panel with 1680x1050 Native Resolution * 600:1 Contrast Ratio * 12ms Response Time (Grey-to-Grey) * 176 Degreee Horizontal and Vertical Viewing Angles * 300
  7. GOT MY NEW 20" WIDESCREEN TODAY! Have been really interested in a Apple Cinema Display since they came out, my CRT take to much space and the colors looks to dark... After searching around on forums and other sites I found that Dell 2005FPW and Apple Cinema Display is almost the same display some small diff.. (if you look inside) Now that Dell has 30% off I could not be happier, The Apple Cinema Display sure looks sweet, but how often do you look at the edges of a screen? I don't. (well when I pass my desk perhaps) I'm a sucker of good design, but the 200$ difference was the "only", b
  8. AMD 64 3000+ ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe ASUS EAX800XT 2DVI 256MB DDR3 PCIe 160 GB HD 1GB RAM Geil DVD Duallayer Burner DVD 20" Widescreen Dell 2005FPW. (Got it today) Logitech KB & Mouse
  9. OMG. Sweet! nice work, first thing I test when I come home
  10. Would be neat whit a volume, bass & treble widget.
  11. I like the finder icon, the (Mac OS logotype)
  12. Thanks for reply. Sorry for lack of words... A G4 is quite old/slow now? or? compare to a new AMD64/Intel? But I know what you mean I ain't gonna go disappointed.. since they don't release a new model for a while. I think the Intel Mac gonna be cheaper.., perhaps I'll wait...
  13. Hello!, Buy a PowerBook, or a notebook now?
  14. I think Apple will sell alot more if the have a price drop on PPC (well of course they sell more) but after all I think moste people will wait, if they can, to buy a intel machine. But if Apple make a price drop I think people are more willing to buy now and then buy again when the intel machines comes... Better to sell two, then one.
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