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  1. This is the better macOS like application ever. I found only one flaw, in the stack of big directories/folders with many files, it doesn't have a sliding bar to the right. for going throught the contained folders/files in that directory, and there lacks the icons to show in explorer and go back too. So it's is very good app, but it doesn't work correctly with big folders.
  2. Exactly, today people prefer make Hackintosh or OS X Virtualization or directly buy Mac rather than change the Windows visual style. I did it myself Or even most people no longer has interest in the visual style and personalization. Just look at the new OS flat and shabby skin. Anyway this forum with customization section especially, is a piece of history on the web, I hope it never will be deleted.
  3. I would like to point out that XMail does not work anymore, it always returns error with ssl
  4. Although I am a fan and a user of the XWindows Dock 5.6 that I find the true clone of the Mac Dock for Windows, I have to make my compliments to Filandre for his great and good job to keep this project alive. Now the general trend of all the OS goes to a flattening of the laughable graphics and usability, the wonderful dock has always been my favorite, even on Windows, because of its enormous utility and functionality superior to any taskbar, supertaskbar or start menu in full screen I'm a romantic! Too bad no one anymore keep alive the wonderful XWindows Dock 5.6 project, that in
  5. Nobody no longer uses the XWindows Dock 5.6?
  6. the problem after hibernation seems to be solved, it was probably due to some incorrect settings, mine pc is an AIO desktop and needed the hybrid sleep turned on. There remain other small bugs; 1) magnification doesn't work - But indeed the original Mac dock default is no magnification, so the dock consumes fewer resources also, a false problem after all. 2) the open folder icon in the stack, changes from one in other icons, such as those of the related folders. 3) not always the dock keeps the settings immediately. The recycler often change icon itself. Whatever XWindows Dock 5.6
  7. Another question: why icon magnify doesnt work?
  8. Every time that I resume Windows 7 from hibernation the dock appears completely transparent. I have to reload the settings with apply button or minimize a window on the dock and it returns to normal appearance. XWindows Dock 5.6 on OS Windows 7.
  9. A big thank you vemod, for this wonderful and powerful features that you wanted to add to W7 Explorer that's pretty bare-bones of funcionalities. Vemods Coverflow is truly wonderful!!
  10. Unfortunately no, at least on x64 version.
  11. I have a problem with this wonderful application, when I go to open an StandaloneStack 2 item/link on RocketDock, sometimes the window instead of opening on the dock, opens in another high place on screen, under the upper edge. Another small addition would be done to speed up the link opening My OS: Win7x64
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