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  1. Same error....and I would definitkey pay for these WP & PHPBB themes...
  2. Also, noticed a small bug nothing huge but its driving me nuts lol. On a Tri setup (not sure if it does it on dual mon too) but at random times after closing out of a full screen app (that makes it auto hide). The dock will change its location from my other monitor i set it too back to the default main windows monitor. If you can look into that bug too, would be great. Thanks again for the wonderful work you are doing and keeping it updated for us.
  3. Great job on keeping this app updated for us all. Is their any chance of tweaking the auto hide. To have it hide even with out a fullscreen app running? 2) Also, rename option for the default container name that is takes from the folder. 3) if docked on top, grid option to load down and not up. Thanks again for the great work
  4. not possible. (if i understood you correctly...)
  5. Hi Filandre1, thanks for the work you do with this dock, is almost ready!!! I have a problem with CPU,i send you a screenshoot. Crashes every two seconds and freezes again. So all the time. Impossible to keep it on. Can you help me? Thanks again!!! [url="http://www.subirimagenes.net"] [img=http://www.subirimagenes.net/./pictures/329b548b66650fe14dfdb233d19e013f.jpg] [/url]
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