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  1. Hi! I'm lookin' for "RUN APPLICATION" icon (i think it's from Tiger set). The one with hand holding app image. Thanx in advance.
  2. Is it possible, to get these without Apple logo? Thanx in advance
  3. Heheh OK. I'm waitin' patiently I hope You'll find it
  4. prcmelo Would U be so kind and make one raw archive icon (4 ex. white, without text)? They are superb, but don't fit in my monochromatic desktop theme Thanx in advance
  5. What's the problem with posting these icons?
  6. You can find this icon: here: http://firemarble.deviantart.com/art/YouTube-Icon-70247073
  7. My three propositions: 1. TVTube icon 2. myTube widget icon 3. PodTube icon... ...that's all I've found in my collection... I hope it'll solve Your prob
  8. Voila! First: Second: Third: Fourth: Fifth: and last, but not least, Sixth: All thanks to http://www.logicprofiles.com
  9. Generally, there's no diff'rence 'tween ICNS and mac icon file... ICNS is mac icon file... but it's not the only file, that contains 'em... There are RSRC or RSC files (ReSouRCe). They can carry one, or more icons (even a huge library).
  10. I've checked this app, and there was only this one jar icon, I posted... :|
  11. I can offer you only main icon... I don't have next three icons.
  12. If it's not working, how was it possible, for me, to pick up this archive? Hummm??
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