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  1. well, that right to right click on my computer icon & select properties will show the Computer & Operationg sysytem info. U will also try to run a command from start --> Run or Win button + R & type the Winver, press OK. Provide the information of ur operating system.
  2. Well, Do ur user account have the rights to modify these setting or it is a member of administrator group. or it is affected by Trojans that the reasons u are not able to set up the privacy settings. First u need a good anti virus for ur system, full scan ur system. After the scan complete u have to repair repair ur windows.
  3. I have the same problem in my laptop when i try to upgrate vista to windows 7. I try many ways upgrade it many time & i am unable to do that. As suggested by one of my friend, i decided to take the technical help for Microsoft Windows Vista Support from igennie Technicians. They upgrade it i don't know how but now i am using windows 7 with my all the old software's and settings.
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