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  1. WTF - This is rigged with english speakers and you say "athiest" ? ATHEIST, People! I do celebrate xmas - A mixture of german and spanish tradition; Its mostly a day of humanity for me, thats what i celebrate... not the religious part of it
  2. Well, what i think is... As you can see my wallpaper just lacks a gradient from yours, its not a huge ammount of effort from your side (I did the same, remember?), but thats not the issue... The issue is that you did not ask for permission (from whoever did it) and claimed that you "did it in Photoshop" taking credit for it, and that is just wrong. Just fyi, whatever you did in PS can be done by PS itself without nothing else but cutting the area where he places his content and letting PS create a pattern out of it; not deserving of any credit IMO.
  3. ROFL - The Guy gives Cris Credit! http://www.flyakiteosx.com/faq/ So what is this, a mirror with lots of adds?
  4. Thats my point exactly - I got it from that site, made myself two walls (the one on the ss and a gray one) but never released it because it was not my work. Did you do that or is it only a show-background-image work?
  5. Ermmm..... How come I had this in june 10?
  6. iTunes does that automatically, Kaloyster. It overrides the "the" in such named bands/groups/artists
  7. I arrange my folders manually: Music::Artist::Album In iTunes all music is 192kbps, IDTagged and Arted (and as per AnalMan Stevie's advice all album art is >300x300px)
  8. This is GD, Rjohnstone. If you dont like what you read there isnt much choice for you; you either read the "crap" or you dont - but please, dont come in to stir the ****. Its ~just~ GD. Anyway - it looks like an iBook to me regardless of the lookalikes; show me one of those lookalikes in which the screen "hangs" on the back and it doesn't originate from the bottom flat layer of the machine.
  9. And as to avoid any further confusion. Please go to the release thread. ----------------------------------- The Topic Has Been Closed // Seph
  10. >_ (i guess i look like i can't be trusted?)
  11. So much wisdom, so many answers and not an inch of humor in you. May this year bring you some and may you have some Quesadillas de Huitlacotxe for me >_ - Happy Birthday, wey
  12. No comments. ------------------- The Topic Has Been Closed // Seph
  13. LOL - Thanks for the post, Runasoft. I was about to post something along the lines for this pile of (what was the word again?) retards.
  14. WTF - I prefer this UI :confused: Less wasted space - no brushed (closer to mail.app, at least we are seeing some will to make the GUI consistent)
  15. ROFL Looks more like unified to me :eyeroll: - but yeah, i think we ought to sue.
  16. Meh - too motorolaish... I dont need to listen to music on my phone, tyvm. Where is the upgraded Powerbooks!?
  17. You tag by writing these two things - [ ] - and the type of tag you are using - [Help] - for example. Obviously, dont put the " - "'s in the tag. http://www.ajatech.net/tag/ - Please read this.
  18. >_< - Sounds like a successful idea, Mu.
  19. - You are the admin, how offtopic do you want GD?
  20. Please make an effort to type - at the very least - complete words. English is not the native language for many of us, that shouldn't be a problem in terms of typing full words. Also, as i have told you a couple of times before, tag your threads and be informative - "any other effect for mac os x tiger" does not say anything about what you are asking. -------------------- The Topic Has Been Tagged & Renamed // Seph
  21. Thanks for the clarification - No alternate ss related threads. Your sig is ~still~ too large. Please read the rules as i told you. ------------------ The Topic Has Been Closed // Seph
  22. :confused: - I really must have come in late; i have no idea what you guys are talking about.
  23. They were asking for donations for the vBulletin License - people just complained and i gather that not many people donated
  24. Post in the proper subforum. Laziness is not an excuse; this belongs in the "Community Sites" Forum. Also, dont double post - your site is not something to get so excited about that we need two different topics about it. -------------------- The Topic Has Been Moved // Seph
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