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  1. Excellent. Thanks alot, I really needed this.
  2. Can someone either post a link to or make a tutorial on how to reflect an icon in Photoshop (CS2 or CS3)? I know about ireflector but I have some icons it won't work on. Thanks!
  3. Font problem here too. I'm using the English version WindowsXP. This font is screrwed up.
  4. So- what does that have to do with spyware? fyi: Multi-plugin is a wonderful app and has NO spyware.
  5. Run the uninstaller and uninstall comctl32.dll That worked for me.
  6. I like the small icons- I have a lot of sub-folder. Thanks! Update has been approved. I updated from within Thunderbird. Great job, I like the smaller icons much better. Thanks a bunch ;-)
  7. One more quick thing for me to add here: I lost my file icon for .mpg files. I did not loose the association, just the icon for .mpg files. The icon showing up after the OSX 3.0 instasll for .mpg files is a blank, generic windows unknown file type icon. I had to use a third-party app to change the icon.
  8. Chris, I too have the WFP problem. I do not have a SFCScan key, but I do have SFCDisable- and the value is "0"
  9. Is there going to be a bug thread? I only have one small thing to report. Otherwise, great job!
  10. I changed the max. version, but it's all messed up. The entire left and right edges are cut off. Looks lile the skin needs a major overhaul to be compatible with 1.5.
  11. Absoleutely beautiful. Thank you for this- I love it.
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