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  1. I must say I'm impressed. So impressed that I'm wondering if there's an OS X equivalent of this app! Keep up the good work!
  2. LOL. Since I have a Mac too, I want the red/yellow/green buttons to stay exclusively in OS X and the "underscore"/square/X buttons to stay with Win XP. iTunes for Windows looks clean and its min/max/close buttons goes well with it (and IMHO with the whole Win XP).
  3. Thanks for the help, moglenstar. I think I'll have to wait until KoL mods his iTunes visual style. I really want those iTunes for Windows min/max/close buttons.
  4. I'm not sure if I saw it before but is there a visual style that's similar to the one currently used in iTunes for Windows?
  5. Everything's a hoax... Here's proof. Enjoy! http://plex.us/outbursts/liebermann.html
  6. Goku, the "problem" is, I can get the new 17" at less than $3K because of the education discount... that's why it's all the more tempting to spring for it. But then the 15" would be a more tempting price too... sheesh, I hate this feeling.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts. The problem is I'm nowhere near any Apple Store. I'm purely relying on user comments regarding the Powerbooks. I'll let you know what I decide on, but I'm leaning towards the new 17"
  8. Some of you have read that I'm going to switch to OS X. I almost got the 17" but decided to wait for the announcement at Paris. Now I'm in a predicament. Which should I get? The 15" or the 17" Powerbook? Some say that the 15" screen is much brilliant than the 17"... is this true? I just want to hear the pros and cons. Especially from those who have heard first hand, the experiences of the new Powerbook line owners. Thanks!
  9. Reminds me of what happened to TechTV's Cat Schwartz when her seemingly cropped images turned up full size in Photoshop's preview window. :shy:
  10. PC configurations would blow up ANY mac out of the water... anytime! But owning and using a Mac is an experience that is yet to be matched by a PC manufacturer and I think that's the issue here. Sure one may have a kickass PC but I'm sure deep down inside there's still a yearning for a Mac, right? I can't explain it but using OS X is an incredible feeling (we have OS X at work). I don't get that feeling whenever I'm at home using my WinXP. Like I said in my other thread, I'm gonna switch fully by the end of the month. I'm still waiting for what Apple has to offer after next Tuesday's
  11. The current unofficial build HERE is the fastest I've seen so far. Enjoy!
  12. Beta 8 is out for those who want it http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/ow32enen720b8.exe
  13. G5 + cinema display would be it then! (unless the new 15" Powerbooks come in a great package)
  14. Taha, yeah, I just might get the G5 (But then I have to reinforce my rooms' walls right? ) A question... is the Apple Display good enough or should I consider other displays? And I won't be leaving Aqua-Soft because I still have my ol' P4. I'll still drop by but not as often.
  15. Our workplace just got us 800Mhz G4 iMacs. I can't believe how incredibly fluid OS X works with these new machines. I've been using Macs but with "ancient" G3's but after seeing how everything works in a G4, I must say that I'm now considering fully switching to the Mac platform. In fact, I'm now saving to get either a Powerbook or even the G5 for my personal use. It's been fun being around the aqua-soft community. I've never seen a group that's so focused in re-creating the Aqua look in the Windows environment -- and having fun in the process!
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