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  1. $20.19 US dollars, not too bad. Has anyone tried it out yet? I'd love to have some of the themes for XP converted to Vista. Might give it a shot.
  2. DPSTAR, I had the same issues. TURN OFF UAC (user account control-- it's found in control panel in user account area). That worked for me. Don't know why ??? But it worked for me.
  3. Interesting. Is there Firewire or Express Card slot on Macbook? If not, it's the Pro for me then.
  4. Hope this helps some having problem with dock and vista. I turned off "User Account Control", rebooted. Then I installed this WONDERFUL dock. IT WORKS NOW !!! Thanks, Vladimir.
  5. By zoom I meant the Icon size does not change at mouse over and name of icon does not display. Sorry for confusion. Yes, the program freezes if launched directly from install. Also am getting these error messages when launching program. P.S. This is an excellent app. Just want to explain my problems experiencing. Again, thanks to Vladimir for his great work.
  6. I've been having the exact same issues. Cannot see names, no zoom, freezes up computer during install, have to reboot machine. Anything before release 4.0 worked great. I'm using Vista Home Premium, may be a Vista problem. Oh well, it is a nice dock. I will wait for more stable release. Thanks for your hard work Vladimir.
  7. Add me to the very interested list. Please update. Thanks, mate.
  8. Aha. I notice that Ben Goodger, previously at Firefox, was one of Chrome's key designers. I actually really like it so far. Good job, Google. I'm using Devrexster theme. nice.
  9. I've used VistaGlazz on my Vista SP1 machine, seemed to work fine. However, can't seem to find a whole lot of Vista compatible themes out there yet. Cheers.
  10. Raats, thanks so much for this info., mate. I've been wondering how to fix this for a long time. My Safari always displayed "Safari Web Browser", drove me crazy! Again, thanks for this and all of your wonderful creations! Cheers.
  11. Thanks, 3d_vlk. Beautiful job! Very much appreciated.
  12. Thanks, Husiani HB, found the indicator is found in the Defaults folder, changed the DefaultIndicator Icon to yours, works great, Thanks!
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