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  1. Considering I just bought this skin before updating to 3.2 and the fact that the dev has been non responsive, I'm starting to feel like I got robbed here. Is a little update to your paying customers too much to ask?! How about a refund?
  2. Status? I'm holding off upgrading just because the default 3.2 mobile skin doesn't have chat...which my board relies on.
  3. http://www.titansreport.com/forums/ I just got it tonight so I still have work to do. I've done a good bit so far. About to start on custom icons.
  4. I see you did purchase it after all. After looking at a bunch of other skins, I think I may be forced to do the same. People want mobile chat and this is the only one I found that has it.
  5. Yikes. Ditto. I was prepared to pay the $10 but can't do $20 for it.
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