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    Yes, here or on aquaxp are many tutorials for tweak the systrayicons!
  2. You mean something like that! here u have
  3. the sharewareversion off kkmenu can do this
  4. What lines do you mean??? Can u explain it a lil bit excactly?
  5. @ShadowExsoul: plz open ur eyes and look what u would replace! If u would change the icon of the imageviewer u must change the "icons", if u would replace the toolbar, take the bitmaps. if u want more information about the replacing technics, look here in the forum and search a little bit about reshacker!!! nice day
  6. Hey adark, habse dir doch aufn ftp gepackt! :woot:
  7. this is only 4 german dude's!!! nehmt einfach pack's files und transferiert die modds (icons, bitmaps, text, dialoge) in die deutschen sp1 dateien. ist zwar ne menge arbeit aber lohnt sich weil ihr genau wisst was ihr macht. do it!
  8. th0re

    The Tray Icon

    Yeah right, this is a little heavy tweak. nate u explained it exactly how it works!
  9. hi guys, is give the answer in another post here, u can change it with pe-explorer and trayicons from samurize will work fine. plz search samurize+tray+pe-explorer
  10. hi, i use this: Advanced Registry Tracer u can snap many regshots and look at the differrences.
  11. Hi, ive u guys will have the bold fontstyle , the only way is u change the font/style with stylebuilder directly in the style, also u changed the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes MS Shell Dlg/MS Shell Dlg 2 with tha font u want. hope that helps u
  12. yep, the greatest wmp9 itunes skin i ever saw in this forum. respect stevie bm (Y)
  13. in the dlls u can't modd the size of the toolbaricons, there must always have 16 and 24 pixels. For the yztoolbar u can create all size u want up to 48 pixels (larger sizes looks bad). the size destination is in the inifile in the theme folder.
  14. i will remind that the bitmaps in the comctl32.dll in system32 are only works with 16 color bitmaps correct! many user missunderstood this, by the way the comctl32 in sys32 is only for older open/save dialogs for 16 bit app support. to success ur work change from 24 bit RGB to 16 colors and open the psd file in gif movie gear icons and export it as a individual file (24 bit bitmap with transparency)
  15. yo yo yo guys, ur on the wrong way, believe me. it is a mod of the preferences.xml and not a exe modd. the only thing u can change in trillian.exe are the trayicons.
  16. the toolbar buttons 4 open/save are in comctl32, bitmaps No. 120,121,124,125,130+131
  17. the errormessage tells u that u have the wrong size and resolution of the bitmap. edit a toolbar with PS and then open in Gif Movie Gear Icons and export it as a individual file as a 24 bit bitmap with transparency and ---- voila it go's
  18. u can also read the posts and u find this menu
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