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  1. LG/Phillips makes the LCD that goes in both Apple's 20 inch ACD and the 20 inch dell cinema display
  2. Ooh FUN Quad G5 2.5 ghz 24 seconds Macbook Pro 1 min 24 seconds
  3. I too miss avetunes more than anything. There is NOTHING that compares to avedesk's functionality on a Mac. Dashboard is pretty nice on the faster systems but none of them really come close. Menuet is a very nice iTunes controller but is severly limited in terms of skinning and the fact that it is locked to the menubar. I would love to see an Avedesk/Avetunes/Ave FTP for Mac.
  4. Looks good, One thing, it looks like in some places you are using the old resources. I can send you the new ones if you need them. Then you will have my permission to release.
  5. Nice Work Glad to see so many people enjoy the theme. Congrats.
  6. unbe I think you are out of line. Not everyone speaks english as well as you do. Not everyone has all the apple info that you do. and Im sure this is the studio display he is referring to. http://www.everymac.com/monitors/apple/stu...play_17_fp.html http://www.apple.com/lae/displays/asd17/
  7. the mini will definitely suit you if you go for the core duo. The original mac mini is okay also as long as you go for 1 gb of ram at least. About the black mini... I would not reccomend you do that yourself. >_
  8. yes but keep in mind that until photoshop goes universal it will be slower than on a powerbook g4.
  9. the mac mini comes with a dvi to vga adapter. you can use any display that you want. I have a dell 2005 FWP that is amazing. So yes... you can buy a mini.
  10. Again... People like you are the people who make others not want to allow ports. You are basically using the same thing that duyvan released many months ago... The important parts have not been updated to match the mac theme. Not to mention it doesnt even use alphablending... ug. Anyways... a good port will be available soon.
  11. I dont think he is trying to do anything malicious or mean.... He obviously wants to bring stuff to the community which should be greatly appreciated. Anyone that wants to contribute should be welcomed... that being said... a simple note asking for permission is all thats required and then eveyrone can go home happy
  12. btw... I dont want to sound like I am unapreciative of Fire.elf's work I do appreciate it. By contacting me first though we can assure that the work is of high quality. Astyanax... ill get back to you pm shortly
  13. well its fine I guess... I do hope someone decides to do an accurate port. Ill try and export the resources tonight so that some talented soul could have a go at it. Not really any reason to close this thread but I do hope people will want to be able to download a better more accurate version.
  14. lol yeah I dont think there are any free controllers that do what menuet does... synergy is a good one and it costs a bit less... Sizzling keys is another... did you have any luck with macupdate?
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