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  1. You need to untarit, inside is a bunch of different themes, apply each one seperately I think the icon theme might only be good for gnome-2.12, if it is, sorry
  2. Released, check first post Thanks for the hosting!!!! Hopefully Ill have time to update it
  3. Hey sorry, Ive been busy as hell with work the past couple of days.... is there an email address I can send it to? I added the one guy's yahoo account but I havent seen him on since Ive added him. Thanks!!
  4. its 8MB gnome-look is only a 600k max, and deviantart is slow as hell Could you host 8MBs?
  5. just realized I dont have hosting for it Can anyone help me out?
  6. there were only two minium icons so I can not include those. As for the theme, its a linux theme so its gotta be GPL'd which means I dont need to ask permission to release it. Ill release it later tonight EDIT: I didnt port the Linux theme from a Windows, I edited a pre-existing Linux theme to make it more accurate, so thats why I said the GPL should apply
  7. Are there any mods that can say if its OK to release this?
  8. not quite a release yet, I just want to know if it would be OK to post icons that originally came packaged with OS X as part of the theme. Ive seen it before, but I want to play by the rules... anyway, the theme looks like this: None of the stuff was made by me, just tweaked to work with Linux. And I did compile the icon theme from tons of different sources, but again, didnt make any of it. The theme includes: A Firefox theme Desktop Icons Dock Icons A GTK Theme Metacity Theme GNOME Icon Theme Miranda Theme ROX Theme Top Bar Theme and Icons XMMS Theme RELEASED!! htt
  9. OS: Linux Apps: Miranda and Picasa2 both through Wine, gdesklets for the albumart, and engage for the dock Theme: Milk2
  10. How are PNGs not the right format for icons? Oh and I wasnt really trying to get any credit for these. I just made them and thought Id share for anyone else to save them the time. Thanks for resizing them, I run Linux and the size of the icons doesn't matter for file manager I use.
  11. I couldn't find any at all on the internet so I created these real quick from the official pics. I hope they help someone out
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