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  1. About the server error, don't worry, the validation email is still sent and you CAN validate it siwu
  2. With the upcoming version of expire, we are starting a beta test program: If you want to participate to the beta test selection, go to the expire board, subscribe and follow the instructions in the beta test post. PLEASE REMEMBER TO FOLLOW THE RULES ! Regards, the expire team
  3. Nope, no version for Win2K sorry. Plus, iEx is not supported anymore :/ cya siwu
  4. And it reminds us life isn't just only internet :/ Take care
  5. Hi guys, I just posted another video 2 mins ago Check the expire website for it This one was made using Fraps, not my poor cam Hope you'll like it And don't forget to post your thoughts on the forum ! siwu
  6. I say I can give the iBlend sources to a developper who's up to it I warn it's REALLY bad coded (timers and not hooks) siwu
  7. How many time will I have to say it ? The PrintWindow() is NOT implemented in the Win2K api ! I am looking for a way to do it without using the classic BitBlt() technique, which can't capture hidden windows. Also, we can't release the source code (some of it will be released though, with the plugin SDK), if you're talking about expire. About iEx, it's outdated and it was very porky. expire has a very clean code, I am looking really hard at it. Cya, siwu
  8. Soooooooooo, I worked a little tonight, and here are 2 fresh new videos (I'm sorry, I can't post binaries for now). The first one demonstrates getting to expose mode and then back (animation speed and stuff are plugin driven). The second one demonstrates possibilities when your cursor hits a window while in expose mode (plugins again) Links: expire_video2.avi (1.6mb) expire_video3.avi (3.99mb) Hope you'll like them siwu PS: for info purpose only, songs are: video2: Nu-NRG - Live at Orgasmatron video3: MarcoV - Simulated And it's not here only for the video, I was only
  9. My mistake, by rectangular I meant square textures. Squares textures takes more memory, and because expire will maintain screenshots in memory (actually for now), I think some people will complain if we only use that. But maybe it will be the default option, but not the only one Now about GDI, the bad thing is that there are a LOT of drawing functions in GDI, and you have to count GDI+ as well. But I'll try to discuss that with the stardock guys Thanks of the hint Also, thanks for the offer (computers) siwu
  10. My school is Epitech (www.epitech.net)
  11. Well, it was actually phpnuke coz we don't want to bother to make website, but I must admit, mambo convinced me Thanks for the advice
  12. So, for the features: - video playing while exposing: we plan to hook the default video renderer filter in directshow. But for now it's not the most important thing - windows continues to animate while exposing: I am searching hard a way to obtain this, I already tried to make a mirror display driver, but I would only allow me to obtain a copy of the screen buffer, not for each windows. I now plan on GDI hooking, but I dunno if it will ever work. That would be the greatest thing because the time when you press the expose button and the expose starting would be VERY VERY little - Yes,
  13. No no, don't get me wrong, the frame limiter is actually the VSYNC limitation The rendering waits for the VSYNC, so it limits the animation speed to a framerate that depends on you screen refresh rate. But, to be honest, I have to test it on a low-end machine, cause what could make some old pc burn is actually the 1:1 NON RECTANGULAR textures... But if that slow down the speed too much, we will add a option to set the texture quality, and eventually make them rectangular (don't worry, you won't see the difference between rectangular and non rectangular texture in the rendering ).
  14. WHAT !! THIS IS A GREAT SONG !! Actually it was mixed in some mix, but I love this song, it's: DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now About the CPU overload, it really depends on you GPU card. The faster your card is, the bigger the CPU load will be. Cause the CPU doesn't have to wait for the GPU card, but I will include a frame limiter Actually with my brand new radeon 9600xt, I am at 47-49% CPU load, but it's a P4 with HT, so, I think it should make the 95-99% on non HT cpus. But I repeat, it CAN be decreased by the frame limiter. Going to bed now Night all siwu
  15. Been working hard this night (it's actually 6am here ) Well, I finally set the animation system down. It's simple to use and yet very efficient. So I made a little demo, about what kind of animations you'll have to deal with here it is: expire_video1.avi (1.6mo) The video is about 15s long and is Divx 5.11 for the video and Lame MP3 for the sound. Hope you'll like it siwu
  16. Well, I saw you know VB, so I would go for VB.NET, it's rather powerfull Or else, if you are begining, go for C#
  17. Actually, the taskbar is a simple window, so yes it can be set to transparent (alpha blending from 0 (totally transparent) to 255 (totally opaque)). But for the top of other windows, it can be done, but it's VERY complicated to accomplish. You actually have to create another window and put it on top of your app. But I find this way very dirty :/
  18. siwu

    Good News !

    Well, yes, but you have to enable it in your program. Because unicode programs are not the same a non-unicode, because you can't describe a unicode char with the char type. You have to use WCHAR (wide-char), also, functions are quite different. For example: strlen() becomes wcslen() (STRing LENgth to WideCharString LENgth) or MessageBoxA() become MessageBoxW() (VC++ has macro for that that don't require you to explicitely call *A or *W functions at compilation time). I hope I'm clear
  19. siwu

    Good News !

    Thank you very much I'll ask you if I have some pbs
  20. And here are the desktop replication screenshots ! Ok, this time it's a 3D replication of the screenshot below. And it's good to note that in 3D, the windows are rotating on themselves. Original desktop: Click me Desktop Replication (Full Scene 6x AntiAliasing and Anisotropic texture filtering, this is what gives this blurry effect): Click me And here we go 3D ! Rotating the windows around: Click me Click me Hope you will like it And again, no, it's not an attempt to recreate some kind of Looking Glass or else, it's juste a demo of the expire engine, which can (I repea
  21. Lol yes it's because the texture bilinear filtering is off, because when you turn it on, the replication looks like kinda blurry (I'll post shots in 10 mins). That's why we turned it off for the shots, and about the FSAA it's because somecards didn't supported it, so it's only disabled for testing purpose
  22. True, this engine only provides a framework to build expire on. And not only for us, remember what we said about the SDK and the plugins features We still have to discuss about it, but some code is already working (the screenshots) and I tell you, you wouldn't have to a killer coder to dev your own expire plugins
  23. Don't forget that ! I'll post shots with it, it's much nicer Well, if you talk about the pixelisation stuff
  24. Well, you are not happy because someone didn't recoded ICHAT ? Well, let me tell you, Apple has a team of developpers for this app, and you want somebody who spend his FREE (read it again: FREE) time to code aqua apps to entirely recode it ? Man, you're out of your mind. If you want it so badly, well, learn C++ and do it for yourself, but don't blame people who won't do it. As for the Aqua-Soft community, it's a EMULATION community, EMULATION, understand ? Some people are doing their best to obtain a perfect emulation, with what they have. Look at the 1:1 Firefox Panther Skin for example.
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