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  1. Great news ! New update, iBlend v0.2 (8 ko) ChangeLog.txt: Hope you'll enjoy this release
  2. Hi folks, i'm currently writing the config parser so you will be able to configure it as you wish, here is a sample: iBlend.cfg: smoke, for the titlebar thing, your idea is great and deserve to be investigated, but the thing is if iBlend disable a window's border and add it's own, i dunno about the speed fact, but I repeat, your idea is very smart and i'll take a look and let you know
  3. If someone could make me 2 icons for the tray: one when the effect is activated, and one when it's not also a 128x128 icon for the prog itself, this way there will be no problem with dock or what so ever thank in advance !
  4. Okay, here is a new version with few changes v0.1: -Added tray support: left click to enable/disable effect and right click to bring up the window -Changed the look a little bit same link EDIT: i think next version will have the file config system
  5. if anyone could make a 32x32 icon and a 128x128 icon it would be very very very cool coz the MFC icon is damn ugly and in the tray it's not that cool thanks and thanks again for your feedbacks/support EDIT: icon in .ico format of course thanks
  6. okay i investigated a while and it turns out that y'z toolbar work perfectly with iBlend here i made a screenshot:
  7. hmmm strange, it doesn't want to blend explorer windows anymore.... the bad thing is that it that worked perfect 20 mins ago EDIT: and now it works
  8. i'm sorry but it's not possible, that question have been asked in the previous thread. windows only allow to blend the whole window, it's a window property (set via SetWindowLong()), not a "region property". however I think it is possible by getting a screenshot of the titlebar and blend it with for example a proper blending engine, disable the app titlebar and replace it... but it would use to much cpu and it's too complicated but smoke said that longhorn support partial window blending, so maybe
  9. explorer windows are not blended because of y'z toolbar :/ for now i dunno how to fix this but if you want blended explorer windows, disable it
  10. for sure, beta releases will be in tray but by now it's not even pre alpha about the exclusion system, there will be in a file with syntax like that: title=Some app class=Some class filename=somepath and filename so you will be able to exclude by the title app, the class or the filename but it's not for now
  11. Ok guys, i've implemented a exclusion system and now it works with shadows and dock. All you have to do is launch iBlend BEFORE y'z apps and dock, and it should work flawlessly. at least in theory the link is the same EDIT: hmmm, the same in my post, not in goku's one iBlend.exe (24 kb) EDIT (again...): oops, seems i have forgot a debug messagebox, fixed
  12. no problem and thank you for your support the titlebar thing is not possible yet, only because the transparency is a window attribute, not for only a part. anyway, i'm still looking for some possibility, but it could be very slow i'll let you know. for the time being, the transparency will apply to the whole window, and i have to fix the dock and shadow issue and make an exclusion system for those who complain, remember it's only a preview of the effect, not a full working app EDIT: sorry, forgot the real link: iBlend.exe (20 kb)
  13. do you like to show us what you will have ? or already have ?
  14. And if it doesn't work, open it and put 2 lines of the skin folder's name. ex: if the skin is named "gna" and located in "gna", just put: gna gna simple isn't it ?
  15. Okay, first I want to thank MageGuru for his AWESOME tutorial and lynchknot for his AWESOME themes. But after playing around I noticed some bugs in them, first the "round bar" issue with WB4. So here is a fix: 1- close phoenix 2- download scrollbars.css 3- open safNB.jar in C:\Documents and Settings\[you login name here]\Application Data\Phoenix\Profiles\default\[something].slt\chrome (nb: safNB.jar is the Non skinned scrollbars theme) 4- go in \global\ and replace the scrollbars.css with this new one. 5- restart phoenix, you're done ! Then, the compact menu issue, here's a fix too:
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