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  1. I have Vista and it works just fine except one problem: I can't modify start menu privacy options in the taskbar and start menu properties, every time I select those chekboxes and click apply windows deselectes them and as a consequence no word or excel files are remembered by windows to have been modified.
  2. I'm trying to upgrade a system from Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. The problem I 'm having is while trying to run the upgrade it says that it find find information for the hard drive or DVD-RW that I must contact the manufacturer for information. I looked under the system properties and it showed both devices as unknown devices. I've tried uninstalling the devices to see if windows would reinstall the devices on reboot, but I get the same error. Any ideas?
  3. I would like to add a somewhat sophisticated website linking system to my website. The problem is I don't have the design experience to know how to approach this task. Basically what I'm looking for is a system where I can add links with a short description, followed by tags that describe the subject matter of that link. Most of the time, I only see tags used in connection with blogs or user profiles, rarely in connection with links to other websites. Is there PHP-based software available to accomplish what I'm looking for?
  4. I use dreamweaver at times when writing a script based website, but sometimes when I open a file up, the software "auto-corrects" what it deems to be improperly nested tags or improperly closed tags. . . I develop these sites locally, and the suffix is usually .htm, but they're really cgi-scripts. While if I close a file when I am done working with it, it usually is ok; I only run into trouble when I am working at the park & my battery dies, and the last saved version of the file doesn't have all the tags closed. What I am wanting to know if there is any way to keep dreamweaver from corr
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