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  1. link works and it downloaded automated installer, which is broken and throws error (at least that's what I get) Can you please re-upload files elsewhere if it works for you ? tnx
  2. any chance someone reupload this using some other host ? tnx (apparently file2go has been down for a while)
  3. simple Chrome mode: Chrome Incognito - removed google image from full screen title bar - replaced default blue color scheme with Incognito one replace default.dll with one from the zip : http://www.mediafire.com/?dffykyya3y6 Chrome: Chromium:
  4. currentyl I'm working on my original theme meedioVintage: and trying to work coverflow in meedio: so it's gonna be a while before beta testing...
  5. hi Husaini, it's not gonna be soon cause I'm busy at the moment and yes I'm the OB engine guy (also screenshots of appleTV interface in action would be helpfull ) As for recording desktop activity - I use Camtasia Studio
  6. maybe something like this ? ... ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doKzvSdwzLg ... it's not mediaportal, it's meedio and it's still early alpha...
  7. I did not get your mail but you have my answer in your PM I check in from time to time and I'm glad to see some old faces still kickin' :cool:
  8. glad to see vinyl is still floating around
  9. Nice to see that there are still some familiar faces kickin around Wall: IZGOI by Avip stay well Crni
  10. Bizarre but kinda nice ... ... Area04 CDCovers
  11. I'm bit out of touch so ... CAD ?
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