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  1. Hello, everyone! I’d like to share with you the promising music software that I’ve found recently. It’s a music organizer, called Musicnizer. The program helps you to put your music collection in order by creating a catalogue of your albums and artists and downloading information about them from the internet using various online databases. It can also play back music that you add and perform sorting, searching operations. The interface is simple and similar to a website: you click on some entry or name and the appropriate page is opened. I’d recommend it to all music collectors. Downlo
  2. I'm still using XP but am thinking of Win7 too. I've tried it and it seemed rather decent despite I'm conservative and don't hurry much to change OS.
  3. I use Microsoft Security Essentials since DrWeb destroyed my OS... Have been using it for around a year and had no issues with it yet
  4. Wow! That impresses pretty much! Keep on developing, that's great
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