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  1. it looks ok, but you need to remove the image behind the top main menu at the moment it looks like the image doesnt belong there with the different shades of green. try making it the same shade of green as the colour your using in the menu and see if that looks better. good wok so far. keep it up.
  2. brillaint pack.. well done. but will this install once SP2 is released?
  3. lol spain messsed up, well played greece.. {come on england..!}
  4. very good work so far... will you be including shell32.dll files too?? or just a theme ? ps SP2 for winxp is gonna come out soon so make sure you provide installation files that support sp2..
  5. very nice app.... thanks.. :canadian:
  6. by x86 you mean you can run oxs on a pc right??
  7. mirage0679..wall please..looks very nice..
  8. what the url for OSX-E website ??
  9. I've got the Aluminite X object bar theme.. however it comes with a right click desktop menu. I use desktopX to have my custom icons etc. but with this object bar menu i cant edit the properties of the desktop icons. I've tried removing in in the properties of the menu. But if i do that then i have no right click at all..!!!! I also noticed that "copy, paste" etc dont work in object bar..1!! :6 Please could someone tell me how to remove it, and go back to the windows style right click menu. thansk for your help
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