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  1. Sorry to be this late, but I'm attaching the skin for you now. The font to complete the appearance is included. I have to stand that it's based on the images included in the application and I have to agree, they are a lot of images, so it's really a lot of work. The ini file is included so it's easier to customize as it doen't use the same parameters as the included one. Black.zip
  2. As this is my favourite docklet, I made another skin cause I'm not a big fan of the iPhone look. I've based this on the files created by Ghostwalker, so original credits for him because it takes a long time to finish only one complete skin. I can share it if anyone is interested
  3. It's not true anymore, I'm using free yahoo account with imap settings as follows: Type: IMAP Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com Port: 143 (SSL unchecked) Username: Yahoo_email Password: Yahoo_password Everything else is default. Well I've also checked UNSEEN/RECENT but it's for convenience. You can add your program and parameters, it's up to you, the required information for the docklet to work is the described above. Smaky I've found that in last version (, the number of emails is showed in the left of the label circle if the number is more than 2 digits. I've tried it in ve
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