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  1. Damn I can't stop by and not to say congratulations bro!!! You know you're in my heart :cheers:
  2. Wow, Jeff still visiting us! :woot: :woot:
  3. What's your language's OS? Would you mind PM' me some additional info? I'd appreciate it
  4. I couldn't have said it better , thank you, but you may need to add 3 px instead 2 (not sure). And regarding the bug, I'll comment it with elpincho to see if he knows how to fix it. Iceman.
  5. Finally guys, the CompositeX theme is available for download at Jonmega.com. You can see more screenshots of the theme right here: You can download it here: Download Link A full featured set of companions is available in elpincho’s web site, where you’ll find lots of useful resources: elPincho's Web Site Description: This theme recalls high-tech, cutting-edge materials such as Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Aluminum and polymers. Deeply inspired by elpincho’s work, this theme is the result of the team work between me and my Spanish fellow. The theme includes four
  6. Glad to see you liked it guys. I'm working on some final details to ensure a perfect quality You won't be dissapointed. BTW, nobody noticed the 1 px borders? they're absolutely flawless! :naughty:
  7. Oh come on, we can be a bit more polite. popsandthefamily: In order to be able to help you, you'll need to give us more clues. Do you know the brand of the card? Is the Graphic adapter integrated to the mother board? If so, what's the brand/model of the mobo?
  8. Yeah, that annoying bug has been pissing me off years ago. But after a while, you learn to live with it... I don't even remember how should it look when is properly displayed...
  9. Happy birthday grand masta :rule:
  10. Wow, pretty far indeed. I bet you are going to miss tacos al pastor, but at least you'll have tacos arabes Going back in topic, I met Salma in a party some years ago, when I was working for AOL Mexico as web designer. She's cute of course but she isn't as cute as you might think, and she's really fussy so I just ignored her
  11. Yes I am... my sister lives in Toluca BTW
  12. So Seph, are you mexican??? I didn't know :own:
  13. It is possible to add that feature to a msstyles theme of course, but unfortunatelty it doesn't look fine everywhere, at some places it messes up the fields. So basically it has to be matter of taste
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