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  1. This platform is looking more useful than any other.I mean aqua-soft forum format is quite good.I am not posting this for the original write of this thread but for the readers who may come here.
  2. English is perfect .There is no question of English grammar but you need to write the content with technical aspect of your niche.
  3. You should ping it from pingo matic and then see the results.
  4. Actually Google give multiple options the search.Advance search is very great feature of Google.
  5. Facebook is much better to use and friendly is well.That is a great reason that this is being frequently used in all over the world.
  6. This does not affect whether your site is .com or .net .You just need to know the algorithm of the Google.
  7. I want to add some thing in this discussion .The content of the page matters a lot rather than design.So be focused on content.
  8. SEO is same for all countries and there is no need to worry about this.The main agenda is to know the right positioning of site.
  9. Joomla is the best for site making because it is very easy to use and joomla templates are recommended by many SEO experts because they that Search Engines crawl this easily.
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