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  1. Absolutely correct.When awe are designing site for a web design company, we need to make our site so attractive that the customer will like to have a site like us.So, depending on the target audience, we have to design the site.
  2. Blogger is best for blogs.Word press blogs are little bit difficult.The option are limited.You can get more options for blogger as it is developed by Google.So better you try to change it.
  3. A FrontPage template which is made up of HTML codings is a standard web template where everything on each page is fully editable, from the content to the layout.DWT stands for Dynamic Web Template. A FrontPage DWT is a relatively new feature of FrontPage 2003+ that combines a master template concept with web pages. The master template, which is a .dwt file, has the layout locked against editing and defines certain areas to allow content editing. On a normal .htm or .html page based on the master template, you can edit the content areas but cannot mess up the layout.So, HTML is best to use as i
  4. Blogger is a very good commenting system.I like to use it for posting comments in blogs.I think you have any problem for no result.Keep trying the Off page optimization methods.Its bit time taking.
  5. Google is the best answer.We can get the most relevant result of our search using Google.
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