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  1. Strawman you share realy nice link i use that before its realy great and winamp is also u can use for online radio
  2. It's realy hard to understand what you want to tell all
  3. as every1 said this site is not realy active its kind of bit slow
  4. this game is realy stupid i realy hate dis game and i hate to play that game
  5. it wasn't realy funny but its OK
  6. He look like Devil lol and his expression are realy funny like Mr.Bean
  7. this kind of stuff is realy stupid why people do that kinda stuff to make others frightened
  8. Yes i did that with my ps2 and when i play on my monitor i realy enjoyed
  9. hey Ring my bell lol where have u been?
  10. i can't see any joke here then you put the name of this thread is joke?
  11. Window 7 is much batter then vista
  12. My best gadget is my psp who with me all the time when i do my work i listen Mp3 songs on it and when i get spare time i play games use internet and watch hip pop videos i think this the best thing for time kill
  13. Realy nice work and good site i personally like it great work
  14. Wow realy nice and quit simple and realy attractive nice camera and graphics work
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