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  1. my dock settings i'm gonna try now. -edit- does not lag when dragging (games/desktop)
  2. version also had massive lag when holding click and dragging in games. version has the same lag, but only when clicking multiple times in games (tested in minecraft)
  3. this last update ( has a huge lag when clicking in fullscreen games. lags the whole screen for like 2 seconds.
  4. thanks, much more comfortable now. got some suggestions to make this app even better. when viewing folders with lots of files (i.e. downloads folder) in fan view mode, there should be a limit of how much items to show, because now it shows stacked items to near the top of the screen, like this: this would look better (or a switch so users can select any) : also, a sort option would really help, so that last downloaded items show first, like this:
  5. hi, thanks for the fast reply. in 2.0.3 , container icon size was different, it would be nice to change it without changing dock size.
  6. Thanks for such a great app. there is a little performance issue in this build: when using the container plugin, if you select a folder with lots of files (i have set mine to downloads folder, wich is 900+ files) it slows down the whole computer a lot, it also eats a lot of CPU (have a core i5 2500K clocked at 4.8GHz + 8GB RAM + GTX 560ti). 2.0.3 did not had this issue. also, is there any way to change icons size that show when viewing container in grid mode? because now icons show the same size as dock icons.
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