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  1. Surely that's all members, though? Particularly old timers who post about once a year just for kicks. In my day, the only way to stay on the good side of an admin was to not use the site *finds it kinda cool that the rules he slaved over way back when are still in place*
  2. I have a funny feeling that, on the first day A-S opened, Duckie 'returned' to pwn newbs… Ah, the good old days before I ruined everything!
  3. Of course, there’s an easy solution to all of this… Maybe we should encourage theme authors to release their works under whatever Creative Commons license they see fit?
  4. In all honesty, neither did I until, after a month or two of using OS X at home and Windows at work, I got to work every morning, only to find that I couldn’t type without getting a whole bunch of keys wrong!
  5. For all of you out there who are either utter Mac emulation pedants or use both Mac and Windows machines regularly, I have a solution for (some of) your keyboard-layout-switching woes: How to make Windows Keyboards like a Mac. I know, I know, I’m obsessive.
  6. I never died, I just saw the light. I’ve got something in the works, though, that will show everyone here I’m still as anal about Mac emulation as anyone you care to name. Anyway, I think I’ll let people get back to talking about screenshots. Don’t mind me.
  7. That was me. I made the current rules, with the help of Tim, Sid, Seph, Unbe, Pe8er, and various other staff. I’m sure the guys will correct me if I’m wrong, but they look pretty much identical to the last version I worked on. The screenshot thread’s rules were created by Seph, with a little assistance form Tim and me because Seph was the resident screenshot *****/king. Oddly enough, I’ve been toying with the idea of returning to Aqua-Soft…
  8. Hey, sorry I'm a bit late to the party... Cysco, I was just listening to your November 2003 mix and wondering if you'd released any more... I Googled, but to no avail, so I thought I'd check back here at A-S (yes, I rarely visit, yes, I should come here more often, but I'm busy, so shut up Unbe/Tim). On the strength of that one mix (which, I might add, was my introduction to this style of music - I never really was into it before), I'm afraid I'm going to have to download all your others If you'd rather I didn't eat your bandwidth, let me know, and maybe we can sort something out whereby
  9. I love how no-one even considered pointing to the OS X system requirements on Apple.com.
  10. I love how people are complimenting the site's design, when, in fact, it's a standard WordPress theme... Perhaps people should give their compliments to Ian Main, the creator of the Green Marinée WordPress theme, for which he got 3rd place in last year's WordPress 1.5 themes competition. More Info: http://e-lusion.com/work.htm
  11. As it's been just over a week since I got it, I suppose I ought to post here... Ok, as some of you may already know, I am now the proud owner of a 2.7GHz dual processor PowerMac G5... Full specs: Water-cooled dual 2.7GHz PowerPC 970FX CPUs 2.5GiB dual channel PC3200 RAM 250GiB 7,200 RPM SATA HDD ATI Radeon 9650 with 256MiB DDR SDRAM 16× SuperDrive Airport Extreme Bluetooth Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Extras: 2×20" Apple Cinema Displays Airport Express JBL Creature II Speakers I think that's everything... :confused: If you're interested, take a look at my flic
  12. Not strictly true. IE5:mac has more stable CSS1 support, but CSS2 is more supported by IE6:win - why do you think there are hacks to hide lots of things from IE5:mac? That said, the current most standards compliant browser (save Apple's internal Safari builds) is actually Mac MSN 7 - it uses the Tasman engine (from IE5:mac) but the version that was destined for the never-released IE6:mac.
  13. Tables are not a structural element. I can seriously see absolutely no reason for you to use any tables in anything you're doing there. You have no content which makes semantic sense to be in a table, so why use them? That's just one of the many benefits of the fully standards approach
  14. You honour me, nightcrawler-san.Seriously, though, I'm no master - I just try to learn as much as I can, and pass on what I know to anyone stupid enough to listen Then my work here is done - if my code teaches one person something, then I've done what I set out to do. I would, however, prefer that you do learn from it, rather than just using it wholesale. By all means use it, but learn from it too.
  15. Ok, I've come up with a near-complete example of how I'd make this sort of structure, and it should pretty much work as intended in IE/Moz/Fx, but I can't be bothered to test in much else right I'm afraid, but I don't think there'll be any major issues with it. Taken from the header of the contentswitcher.js file: I will, however, say that the CSS I've added is very rudimentary - fonts aren't right, and layout of content areas is minimal. Also, IE isn't looking quite right, but the JavaScript is the focus of this example, not the layout. The JavaScript should do everything you want, save
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