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  1. sweet finally getting me an ipod
  2. one quick thing to get the extended info just click on the bottom of the "halo" directly under play
  3. i released it you can check out the thread here http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=32014
  4. Hey guys there were some people who were interested in this skin so here it us [ATTACH]7008[/ATTACH] Round Ipod.zip
  5. hey I'm a juge PlasticPro fan and I made a avetunes skin (pretty basic one) but I think it looks nice. Anyway I was wondering if there was any interest in it?[ATTACH]6996[/ATTACH]
  6. link seems to be down any mirrors?
  7. just curious is this hardware accelerated
  8. just wondering if its going to be skinnable
  9. video looks really nice good to see you alilm
  10. holy crap it does look like a george forman grill but that black PS3 standing, man thats a sexy beast
  11. honestly andreas I'd pay for Avedesk 1.3, b/c I use Avedesk 1.2 alot and its become an integral part of using my computer. It doesnt use that many resources and overall it is great to use so I wouldn;t mind paying 15$ for avedesk with 5 or 6 widgets. As far as the people who are going to just hack it or whatever , please have some decency and realize this isn't Microsoft or Adobe but just one man who had so far given us his time, effort and a number of useful appps for free.
  12. wow it just seems to me that about 50% of people here has a personal vendetta against MS. I mean ya looks are important but dont forget you can customize this system and for the people that want aluminum, would you want to pay 50 $ more prob not and you'd prob. end of complaining about it. As far Sony is concerned sure the cell is supposed to be faster, better, whatever but who knows if its even completed yet, all the XBOX 360 parts are here now and it will be released soon and I gotta say those wireless controllers kicks ass
  13. just drag that .zip file into the avedesk control panel to access the control panel just righ click on the avedesk system tray icon and choose control panel, and drag into the white space
  14. hey check out this theme for OSX looks kinda sexy anyone wanna portit http://interfacelift.com/themes-mac/details.php?id=96
  15. i dont like how for tiger, apple put annoying popups into tiger like when ur d/l stuff from the internet. I know XP does it but it was nice on panther to just download what u wanted w/out having to click stuff. Granted its prob. for people who are not tech savvy but at least there should be an option to turn it off. I haven't used tiger alot but it seems like it has a lot of potential, it really does seem like it was rushed and they didn't totally test it out fully.
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