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  1. Anyone have the kaps volume widget?
  2. Is the kapsules page going to come back?
  3. ..of, well, everything I guess? Can you say anything more about the website attack?
  4. Take a look here http://xion.r2.com.au/ even has the ability to use animation for buttons.
  5. I like the basic layout but would also agree that the gray just dosen't fit in. You might want to see about a 2 tone with the lighter color in the middle to atract the eye and enable easier reading of the text. Or do like what you did with the kaps one and pick a color and make it lighter in each segment. Also I see the left pane will be used for navigation the and the middle for the discription but nothing in the right. I would suggest using the right pane to show screen shots. This will make since to the user on a subconsious level and rebalance the site so it does not feel like one side is
  6. I searched the forums but all the links were to dead pages.
  7. Can someone please repost this the d-link does not work
  8. This was the procedure in sp1 First, we need to turn off windows file protection (an almost impossible thing to do). Microsoft’s way of protecting us from ourselves and there answer to dll hell. I knew that there was a registry hack to disable it. (HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon) Value: SFCDisable Type: REG DWORD (DWORD Value) Value: 0 = enabled (default), ffffff9d = disabled Thank you, whoever you are at the “microsoft.public.windowsxp.general News group.” However I quickly found out that this only works on Win2k Pre SP3. Now, what do I do? I went
  9. The only problem withthat aproach is it also changes everything else that uses the 3dface value best thing would be a reg hack so windows dosen't even draw the lines.
  10. This is my favorite media player The Core Media Player However most of the skins for it kinda suck and I was wondering if any of the almighty talent we have here would like to try and port iPlay for winamp by playboy to TCMP. Any Takers?
  11. I'v d-loaded all of the icon sets on the site and none of them have those icons :rant: :cry:
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