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  1. Hi! I have the same problem......I hope someone can help us
  2. Great VS man !!! Because of your theme and system files i started modding windows.....Danke!! Du bist das beste!! :rock: :rule:
  3. Can someone answer my second question, why IP didnt change folder icons in "save as" menu. I would also like to know is there maybe better program than IconPackager for changing icons? How do you change them?
  4. thank u on explanation i started changeing my Win looks a week ago so i am new to this :baby: , but thanks to great community and members like u its simlple and fun to learn :graduate: i think i'll try to convert them.....
  5. I downloaded panther icons from www.visualstyles.com and all icons in set are PNG...do i have to apply them "manualy" or is there a program like IconPackager, which i use now, to manage PNGs? I also want to know why after changening my icons with IP they are not changed in "Save As" menu?
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