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  1. Cool ! Planning to get MSI Wind U100 next week :cool:
  2. Просто супер ! Не ожидал, что после RKLauncher-a будет что-то наподобие ! Так держать Вован !
  3. Great theme ! Thanks for porting !
  4. Awesome Docklet ! Works very smooth with RKLauncher !
  5. Forget to update the RKLauncher.conf, problem solved.
  6. There is something with positioning on the screen with 275 build. It is always Top Left after restart or closing the RK ?! Was using 265 before.
  7. Looks great ! Gonna try it !
  8. Thank you Andreas ! Gonna try it !
  9. You can find all his icons at his devART page
  10. So finally, I've installed 1.3, and I got some questions : 1st: I'm using PidlShortcut desklet for the folder shortcut but i can't manage to make it showing "Total Number of Directories" and "Total Number of Files" it shows nothing or number that isn't correct than I post %s, %n, %t, %f etc.. ?! ( if the path is for Drive folder it show s "Total Size" and "Total Free Size" ) 2nd: In Properties of Desklet, in Shorcut Tab, the Path Browse button doesn't work I type manually the path and a question about syntax here too, i write file:///Drive:/Folder and it works but Drive:/Folder don't
  11. Ok thanks for reply , gonna try it.
  12. I'm using 1.2 version of the Avedesk because I got problem with dissapearing icons with Folder desklet im 1.3. Is there an updated Folder desklet for 1.3 or it is same as in 1.2 ? Thanks.
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