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  1. I've made a set of ten icons of the characters from my webcomic. Here's a preview: The set includes icons in Folder, ICNS, and PNG formats for all platforms. Download the set here. Read the comic here or here. Enjoy! -godpunk
  2. Here are the PNGs! DS Lite PNG.zip
  3. Sorry about that...it's been quite some time since I've released anything here, and apparently the standard procedures have changed Watch this thread later tonight...I'll post PNG versions then.
  4. Hi- These are a set of two workflows for OS X's Automator. One backs up your Wii game saves from an SD card to your hard drive, and the other emails you your game saves so that you can access them anywhere there's a net connection and an SD card. They require a small amount of customization, mainly just pointing some steps to locations on your SD card/hard drive. It should be really easy to set up. I've included detailed instructions for each workflow, and I'd be glad to answer ny further questions. I hope you enjoy these! -godpunk Wii Workflows.zip
  5. OK, here are .icns versions for everyone who needs them. DS Lite ICNS.zip
  6. Sorry, they're not icns files, should specified that...they're icons attached to folders. I'm making .icns versions as we speak, so I'll post them in a few minutes!
  7. Hey all- I made two of these as custom icons for Automator Apps that my girlfriend and I use to backup our DS game saves, and I thought I'd do the whole set. Included are icons for all colors of the DS (including the Japan-only colors) and also a folder of colors that don't exist. I hope you enjoy them; and feedback is appreciated. Thanks! -godpunk DS Lite.zip
  8. If you're getting constant kernel panics, check your hardware and firmware. My Mac Pro used to kernel panic at least 3-4 times a week and sometimes 2-3 times per day, and the culprit turned out to be my USB wireless adapter.
  9. iGo, this Zune is for you: And personally, I'd buy a Zune if it had the following features:
  10. Be careful what you wish for...if you want Ballmer, you get EVERYTHING, including the overactive sweat glands.
  11. I try to stay away from smart playlists...I generally only use them to group all the 5 star songs in my library. And besides, it seems that if it's a video, it should be in the video library, not floating around requiring a smart playlist to find. Just a matter of personal preference.
  12. I always see these reunions for dumb things like TV shows, so I figured one would be in order for the old school A-S crowd (i.e. the 2002 era). I know a lot of members were students back then, and I thought it'd be interesting to see where/what they are now. Post your position in the forums (if you had one), what you were doing then, and what you're doing now. I'll start. Position: Former Mod What I was doing then: I started here by releasing dock themes. Back then, Object/Y'z/Moby docks had just been released, and customization of those apps was being explored. So I whipped up a few the
  13. To me, the GUI was just icing on the cake. What annoyed me most was what was, IMO, shoddy organization of video files. I have 250 music videos, 60 movies, and 350 TV episodes in my iTunes, and version 7 scattered them around with no real method to the madness...the music videos were actually hidden from view completely. Too much attention to eye candy, not enough on functionality.
  14. Gotta love microsoft's business strategies...let's not come out with a competing device until the iPod has set the standard for MP3 players, has been out for five years, and has ingrained itself into the social fabric of many cultures....THEN we'll come out with our own version. And make it brown. Way to go, Ballmer.
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