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  1. Long time since I visited these forums the last time. and I'm simply stunned. Timan, you did an awesome job on that skin. I remember back when A-S was running on IPB 1.x and 2.x beta. It was always a great place to be. In fact, this forum made my choose IPB for every single project I've worked on. I really bow down for your work. Hope I find some time again to look around and post some nice stuff. I'm on a Mac now for 5 years (yeah, times goes by, I remember when I started customizing Windows on this forum back in 2004) but maybe I an post some wallpapers and other cool stuff. Bit off-topi
  2. good options: use the curves-tool in PS (ctrl + m) maybe in combination with levels and selective colors.
  3. thx*@peter. somehow I didnt get the update-mail for this thread. my spamfilter must have eaten it.
  4. I'm that active here since I got my iMac and dont have a pc since about a year but I think this thing might me interesting for someone here. Hope you like. You can send me a pm or email if you have problems with the psd. Greetings. //pichfl
  5. will be there in the next few days, I'll keep this topic updated.
  6. Click image to Download. Hope you like it. If any other resolutions are needed, please request here, at my blog or by mail. Hope you like it. ----- Other versions are on the way, (textless green & purple, 4:3-versions) //Edit, urls added, sometimes I'm a bit absent-minded
  7. link fixed. orange version & some other specials are coming soon. the stripes are done with adobe photoshop cs2. they are just - somehow - a "vectorized" version of the 45°-pixel-scanlines.
  8. Long time since my last release on these forums. Hope you like it. (Click image to go to the download-page) 4 Colours, all 1680*1050px. If any other resolutions are needed, request them here or write a comment on my blog. Also colour-changes are possible.
  9. my fault, I use wordpress2 on all my blogs so I didnt see much difference between them, I just might have looked into the wrong admincp, sry.
  10. umm - why not http://www.wordpress.com? afaik they support templateupload.
  11. I'n not sure, but I included the breadcrumb-navigation into my ipb-board. It took me about 5mins to duplicate that part of the main template. Not sure, but vB might be able to manage that a similiar way (here: http://einserver.de/community). --- Link looks good btw.
  12. will you do a version for ipb 2.1 ? I will donate 10$ or more for this.
  13. there is no multitasking-miracle with unix, they just use another structure. on windows every app trys to get most ram, on unix the system says how much ram an app gets. For the topic: I switched not to long ago to mac, and I found several things I dont like that much. 1. the finder. It has nice features, but sometimes I really want a posibility to cut and paste files. (you can copy and paste, but nt cut - strange imho) 2. something which is simple a new thing to former win-users: os x makes a difference between apps and application windows. means: you can minimize a window but the applicatio
  14. typically stefanka - right? I think he used reshacker to modify the startpanel.
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