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  1. This is an icon for the Spelunky game character with two slightly different variations. This particular design was created by Chris Pavia from the TigForums ([link]). He created a low poly 3D model that is his own particular interpretation of the character. I found that it was very cool and asked permission from him to publish this icon from his artwork and I also took the image and modified it carefully and created a fake “high poly†version of the same render that looks much more smoothed. I did this cause I though that a high poly version of the 3D model would look better for an
  2. Ver 1-2: The accompanying documents have been updated with links updated too. I found that back there it was kinda hard to find good quality emulator icons on the web so I decided to create my own set. This is a set of icons I made for game console emulators, it is photographic but is very comprehensive and the pictures are very clean. I wanted to do them in illustration vector style but it would have taken me too long to do it with my spare time. I also have an entry in Deviant for an old computers icons set. Despite this all the pictures have been cleaned thoroughly, color corre
  3. This is the famous Amiga Boing Ball as an icon set with 6 slightly different variations. The first two are pretty much like the original ball but with no shading, the second pair is the same but shaded and the third pair is rounded smooth and shaded. This is already a version 1.2 Update. Also know that the white background is only for display purposes but the icons have full alpha transparency with very smooth edges. It includes a Blender 3D model file too and in this version it was improved to correcte a small distortion of the ball in the upper and lower parts and it has a much mor
  4. This is an icon I made out of the Blender 3D model of a Jedi Training Remote that I did previously with which I also made a wallpaper. It still doesn’t have the “dirty†textures so it will be an Episode I version like I did with the wallpaper until the textures are done. It has full alpha transparency in the background with very smooth edges. It has Windows, Mac and Png versions. The Windows and Mac versions include icons from 16 to 256 pixels in size. The Png set includes images up to 512 pixels in size so if you want to modify the Mac icons to include a 512 pixel size you c
  5. Homer Loves Sci-Fi Like PixelOz Icons Set Ver 1.0 Note: The icons do not have a white background, they have fully alpha transparent backgrounds with very smooth edges. The white background in the thumbnails is only for display purposes. This is an icon set of Homer Simpson showing his love of sci-fi TV programs just like PixelOz. I included several different sci-fi TV shows versions including some old school ones too and one version of the icon with the original picture of the Simpsons family too. It has the 16 sci-fi icons that you see on the thumbnails + the original Simpsons f
  6. Link to thumbnail This is the second in the series that started with the old Apple logo wallpaper but I decided to give this one a whole different look cause the new Tron Legacy movie was in the theaters at the moment of creating the Apple wallpaper so I decided to give this one a color scheme and illumination somewhat similar to the movie theme. This is another wallpaper that I did as a tribute to the golden days of computing in the 80s when computers still had limited colors and sound and when they still had limited multimedia capabilities but they were starting to move very fast in that di
  7. Renerating Nostalgia - Apple Wallpaper HD Thumbnail: My link Hi I'm PixelOz, I'm a graphic artist and a computer tinkerer and I am new to this forum so I say hello to all you guys! This is a wallpaper that I did in Blender 3D as a tribute to the golden days of computing in the 80s when computers still had limited colors and sound and when they still had limited multimedia capabilities but they were starting to move very fast in that direction. Those were the days when personal computers were starting to move into the mainstream which led to their eventual acceptance in the 90s as another
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