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  1. @Rissol: That is the best desktop I have ever seen in the five years that I've been into this. To all you desktop jockeys: THE BAR HAS BEEN RAISED.
  2. Beautiful desk Ruiz!!!! That wallpaper is too much beautiful!!
  3. How about these: ^ My personal favorite. :cool:
  4. netox

    iPod Icon

    Here you go: Enjoy. :cool:
  5. Please search the forums. They've been asked for before. The dashboard is by Lou and he never released it. The Safari is a blue rocket mod of "Globe Icons" by Icondrawer, found here. :cool:
  6. They're the same person. "liro" (with lowercase "L") is just iiro written incorrectly, since the capital "i" ( "I" ) and the lowercase "L" ( "l" ) look the same.
  7. @fever5: REAAALLY NICE!!! You should contact elmaya and ask if you could release that wall 'cause it's awesome! :cool:
  8. PM me your email and I'll send 'em to you. They're Bizz Folders by iiro.
  9. GO HERE. Scroll down and you will find them.
  10. The dashboard one was made by Lou but he never released it. He only gave it to a few people. Try asking him for it.
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