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  1. Hi, Sorry for not posting here since the iTunes 7.1 release. I'm having a hard time making Multi-Plugin compatible with iTunes 7.1. Some features like iPod Hebrew support and even the iTunes menu got totally broken. But I'll fix them eventually.
  2. I've tested it on a clean install and it worked fine. I'll try to upgrade from iTunes 6 later, maybe that's the problem. btw, you can try getting the normal iTunes installer and installing Multi-Plugin separetely. v2.5.1 is pretty stable.
  3. The installer installs the Lucida Grande font, so it's normal behavior. Did you see any error message when you open iTunes? If not, did you open it using it's shortcut or straight by opening iTunes.exe, or throught a widget/docklet or something? widgets/docklets might suppress some error messages.
  4. King Of Chaos: I don't know, it works for me. jokieman: #1. Did you enable it and pressed OK in the preferences dialog? The Preview thing only works if it's already enabled. Soniku: I haven't tested the web update for a while. I'll check it out. xizor227: When I have the time, I'll fix it by separating the font numbers of the top, middle and bottom parts of the iTunes window. vbmenu_register("postmenu_440438",
  5. It is in the Multi-Plugin preferences tab, near the upper right corner. The font is a little hard to notice though. You can also right click C:Program FilesiTunesMPlugin.dll, click Properties, and see the Version tab.
  6. I don't know, depends on it's success. Maybe with every major version, since it's a lot of work to make this installer every time.
  7. This special release combines the installation the latest versions of iTunes and Multi-Plugin (iTunes 7.0.2 + Multi-Plugin 2.5.1), making it easier than ever to install both. A great opportunity for new users to try the smartest and easiest-to-use music player for Windows, with the extra functionality provided by Multi-Plugin. Among the features Multi-Plugin brings to iTunes are skins, Foobar2000 passthrough for better sound quality, greater multimedia keyboard support, and much more: Appearance Options Skins: You may choose a skin in the iTunes preferences dialog or use the default i
  8. That's the purpose of it - to make iTunes think you have a lower version so you could downgrade.
  9. Multi-Plugin has been updated to 2.5.1. All the Foobar2000 issues I know about have been resolved
  10. For some reason Foobar2000 0.9+ doesn't like my DLL and/or the way I inject it. I've been trying to fix it for quite some time but it never works well under all circumstances. That's the reason the Foobar2000 window shows up from time to time, the Settings button doesn't work, and some people are having problems with certain output plugins of Foobar. I'll try to write a separate DLL for Foobar2000 and see if the problem persists.
  11. Do you have Multi-Plugin? I don't know if they work without it. If you do have Multi-Plugin, make sure you didn't change the titlebar to anything except the default or "%Artist - %Name".
  12. Here are some files I made long ago to control iTunes. iTunesRemote.zip
  13. Can someone replace the 2.4 release sticky with this one and lock the previous one? Thanks.
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