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  1. Here's the info on the hex edit: http://virtualplastic.net/msgboard/thread....rum=0&thread=27
  2. You may be able to do this with TotalCopy: http://www.freewareweb.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?ID=1566
  3. Use the a-s / a-s account to login. http://bugmenot.com/view.php?url=www.tss2000.nl
  4. You can also use DrvIco to do this, rather than creating the autorun files.
  5. Try reinstalling WSH: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en
  6. Use The Wonderful Icon or Hoekey (both freeware): http://bcheck.arsware.org/hoe.php http://www.thewonderfulicon.com/pages/features.htm
  7. If you mean the "Safely remove hardware" icon, it's in stobject.dll.
  8. You can also run Replacer, then drag in the script when it prompts for the system file. If it still doesn't work, drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.
  9. If you're running XP, run "tasklist/svc" from the command prompt to see which processes are associated with which services. Check if the extra svhosts are being controlled by a different service that can be safely disabled.
  10. You can replace stobject.dll with a dud file. This will also remove its other functions (tray volume control, tray mousekeys display, etc).
  11. Safe mode shouldn't be necessary. Try the latest version of Replacer, it may fix your problem.
  12. I believe TIGOS is asking: What unit is the shutdown dialogue in msgina.dll measured in? If I recall, the measurements are based on units relative to the size of the width and height of characters in the system font. In other words, there is no (universal) direct pixel conversion. You could try resizing the dialogue and measuring it in pixels, then basing the background image off of that measurement.
  13. Drop the script on to the actual Replacer.cmd file (from explorer), not into the command window.
  14. What was the error? There is an example script here (bottom of page), along with everything you need to know about writing them.
  15. I have updated Replacer to hopefully fix some of your problems. Twenty four files have been added to the database, leaving (I believe) only the WinSxS comctl32 to be replaced manually. Stefanka: 1: Rcimlby.exe is misspelled in the Replacer script (it is currently "Rcimbly.exe"). 2: The script doesn't need the full path for the system file, just the filename. For example: %systemroot%\system32\occache.dll,occache.dll only needs to be: occache.dll,occache.dll This will also fix some errors with the location of sapi.cpl and iexplore.exe, with different languages. 3: Migwiz.exe is only a sho
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