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  1. Awesome... This just keeps getting better! Nice work.
  2. Drooooooling. Awesome... words can't describe the delight.
  3. I've had the same issue. I created an icon on the dock with the quit system command and it freezes everytime. I can quit from within the OD control panel though without issue.
  4. Now that's what I call wallpaper!
  5. I think it's awesome!!! I have a very crappy system at work and it works perfectly. 4 MB crappy laptop video card on a Stinkpad.
  6. My name is Rick and I'm 32... going on old real fast. I work as a Web Admin for large computer company... can't say or they might get pissed. Hint... only 3 initials. Enough said. Can't stand the Winblows interface or functionality, but it's a paycheck. I currently own 3 Macs and about a half a dozen PC's and servers. Fell in love with OSX and the Aqua interface the day it came out. Every PC I use has some flavor of Aqua look to it. It really pisses off the MS nut behind me.
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