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  1. hmm nothings coming up. i shall continue the search. thanks.
  2. hello. im back after a few years. so im new. kind of.
  3. and I figured I could ask here and get some help. I haven't posted on this board in years, i've been living in japan.. and I am reorganizing my files for the first time in forever. Anyway, here is what the snippet looks like, I had it as an avatar but don't have the source of the actual image. Deviantart? much love dav
  4. you joined three months ago and you want to be a moderator? okay.
  5. Hey! I just joined and I love it here already!
  6. i was just kidding, these threads always amuse me. people think the more music you have the more you like music. anyway, i have like 60 or 70 GB. not much, but it gets me by quite well. http://www.last.fm/user/mumuflubu/
  7. and by there you mean they're
  8. Didn't it used to be Pe7er? Have I just been here way too long?
  9. Today is the one day of the year where iCal shows the correct date in your dock when not open! Hurrah!
  10. Seen that a few times before, but impressive to those who haven't. I prefer this one though http://img475.imageshack.us/img475/378/138...103e40fbeo7.jpg http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/9507/1388...30c6a86bgc9.jpg from here http://flickr.com/photos/interceptor/ Minimalistic beauty.
  11. I know.. I was kidding. (Flickr pro member here) Zoomr is just a complete ripoff.
  12. I liked Zoomr the first time when it was called Flickr.
  13. Hey I am new and I just love the themes and awesome gfx that come out of here k thanks!
  14. HAH! Man that made me laugh. Someone hasn't been here long enough. I may not be very active lately, but I do remember the old guys.
  15. No shapeshifter for intel macs :-(
  16. You need the OS X version if you plan to run it outside of Boot Camp or Parallels. With that said, I agree with Pe8er. I use Pages/Keynote, but still have to use Excel now and then.
  17. I believe you. I don't have any compelling reason to upgrade from the W800/K750 line though.
  18. I haven't visited a desktop thread in years, but I had absolutely no idea that Ubuntu could look so fabulous! I need to get back in to this.
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