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  1. Hello, has anyone idea what is the name of this clock or better where i become ? thx un_titled
  2. Hello, i've redesigned light my Winrar to Stuffit. I hope your like too. cu un_itled
  3. @ Magnus Wild how do you change the toolbar background or is it your themes ? cu un_titled OK, i've foundet it
  4. wow, the pinstripe skin for firefox looks very well
  5. Hello Boys, i have for sometimes replace alle windows icons and than i have seen the ie download dialog is not ideal (see screenshot): So i would like to replace animation, redesigned the ie download dialog and would like to know, in which dll or exe i find this dialog ? thx un_titled
  6. @ carbonfiber Only for you : But i find the dialup connection icon fit vastly better as original icon. @Pe8er It's very easy. Extract my all files in your "\eMule\Skins" folder and than click with right mouse button above Toolbar section the Tiger Skin. Thats all. and ENJOY
  7. MAC OS X Skin Profile for eMule 0.43b and up WinXP/2K/2003 compatible All icons changed Main Window: Supersize Systray Icon: Dock Icon: Download: Mac OSX Skin Profile eMule: http://www.emule-project.net Extract in your "eMuleSkins" folder and ENJOY
  8. Ich finde schon toll das die Dateien in deutsch sind. Mach weiter so German files are fine ciao un_titled
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